Remix as code viewer

Through Etherscan

Verified contracts on Etherscan can be viewed in Remix by making a simple change to the URL. Mostly for a multiple part contract verification, Remix provides a quick way to load all the contracts.

A typical Etherscan URL for a contract address looks like this:

In the URL, change to

and reload. It will fetch the contracts verified on Etherscan.

Contracts verified on Ethereum mainnet and on other test networks (Ropsten, Rinkeby, Kovan & Goerli) will be loaded in respective directories under etherscan-code-sample workspace.

This works for Etherscan testnet URLs, etc. If they are similarly updated, contracts will be loaded in Remix.

Through GitHub

Solidity files in GitHub can be loaded on Remix with a similar tweak. For a file with URL like:

change to like:

and reload. It will open the same file in Remix IDE.