Remix Commands

In the console, you can run the commands listed below. Once you start to type a command, there is auto complete. These commands are using the following libraries:

remix: Remix has a number of CLI commands for loading & executing file in a workspace. See the list below.

ethers: Remix IDE enables the use of ethersjs commands. See the Ethers docs for the full list.

web3: Remix IDE enable the use of web3js commands. See the Web3js docs for the full list.

swarmgw: This library can be used to upload/download files to Swarm via

Remix Commands

remix.execute(filepath): Run the script specified by file path. If filepath is empty, script currently displayed in the editor is executed.

remix.exeCurrent(): Run the script currently displayed in the editor.

remix.getFile(path): Returns the content of the file located at the given path Display this help message.

remix.loadgist(id): Load a gist in the file explorer.

remix.loadurl(url): Load the given url in the file explorer. The url can be of type github, swarm or ipfs.

A few Ethers JS examples

ethers.providers: A Provider abstracts a connection to the Ethereum blockchain, for issuing queries and sending state changing transactions.

ethers.utils: The utility functions exposed in both the ethers umbrella package and the ethers-utils. eg ethers.utils.formatBytes32String( text )

A few Web3 JS examples

web3.eth.abi: The web3.eth.abi functions let you de- and encode parameters to ABI (Application Binary Interface) for function calls to the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine).

web3.providers: Contains the current available providers.

web3.utils: This package provides utility functions for Ethereum dapps and other **web3.js packages.

A few Swarm examples examples (these will be updated soon)

swarmgw.get(url, cb): Download files from Swarm via https**://

swarmgw.put(content, cb): Upload files to Swarm via https**://