This section gives information about the last compilation. By default, a new analysis is run at each compilation.

The analysis tab gives detailed information about the contract code. It can help you avoid code mistakes and to enforce best practices.


Here is the list of analyzers:


  • Transaction origin: Warns if tx.origin is used
  • Check effects: Avoid potential reentrancy bugs
  • Inline assembly: Use of Inline Assembly
  • Block timestamp: Semantics maybe unclear
  • Low level calls: Semantics maybe unclear
  • Block.blockhash usage: Semantics maybe unclear

Gas & Economy:

  • Gas costs: Warns if the gas requirements of the functions are too high
  • This on local calls: Invocation of local functions via this


  • Constant functions: Checks for potentially constant functions
  • Similar variable names: Checks if variable names are too similar