Vyper Compiler

Vyper contracts can be compiled in Remix with the Vyper compiler.

The plugin can be activated by going to:

  1. the Plugin Manager and clicking on the Vyper compiler’s activate button.

  2. the File Explorer, then by right-clicking on a .vy file and selecting compile in the pop-up menu.

  3. https://remix.ethereum.org/#activate=vyper

Compiling a Vyper file

A Vyper file (with a .vy extension) needs to be the active file in the Editor. To get some example files, click on the Clone Vyper examples repo button. This will clone a repo and put it in a new Workspace. Go to the File Explorer to see the files.

Specifying Vyper version, EVM versions, and optimize

To specify the Vyper version, the EVM version, and optimize setting, add a comment at the top of your .vy code as in the examples below:

Specify Vyper version

As of 0.3.10, the recommended way to specify the version pragma is as follows:

#pragma version ^0.3.10

Old way to specify Vyper version

# @version ^0.3.0

EVM version

# @pragma evm-version paris


#pragma optimize codesize

For optimize, the choices options are none, codesize, or optimize.

For more info see the Vyperlang docs.

Initiating compilation

There are 4 ways to compile:

  1. Click the compile button in the plugin

  2. Right-click on a .vy file in the File Explorer and select Compile for Vyper.

  3. Click on the play button at the top left of the Editor when a .vy file is the active tab.

  4. CTRL + s when a .vy file is in the active tab of the Editor.

Remote vs Local compiler

The default is to use the remote compiler. To see the settings open up the Advanced Settings accordion box.

Remote Compiler

The remote compilation is done using our remote containerized service that supports the official Vyper plugin for the Ape framework which ApeWorX maintains.

Local Compiler

The local compilation can be done by connecting Remix Online IDE to your file system with Remixd and then running a docker container that runs the Ape framework.

When the next version of Remix Desktop is ready, you’ll be able to run everything locally — both Remix, and the new Vyper compilers (still in Docker, of course).

Compiler errors

When there are compiler errors in the Vyper plugin, a card will appear at the bottom of the compiler.

Errors appear one at a time. Fix one error, and the next one, if it exists, will appear.