Welcome to Remix’s documentation!

Remix IDE is used for the entire journey of smart contract development by users at every knowledge level. It requires no setup, fosters a fast development cycle and has a rich set of plugins with intuitive GUIs. The IDE comes in 2 flavors (web app or desktop app) and as a VSCode extension.

Remix Online IDE, see: https://remix.ethereum.org

Supported browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Brave. We do not support Remix’s use on tablets or mobile devices.

Remix Desktop IDE, see releases: https://github.com/ethereum/remix-desktop/releases

Ethereum-Remix a VSCode extension, see here. The documentation for the VSCode extension is located here.

Remix Project

Remix IDE is part of the Remix Project which also includes the Remix Plugin Engine and Remix Libraries: low-level tools for wider use.

Remix-IDE is available at remix.ethereum.org and more information can be found in these docs. Our IDE tool is available at our GitHub repository.

This set of documents covers instructions on how to use Remix. Additional information can be found in our blog and in our tutorial tool, LearnEth located inside of Remix IDE.

Useful links:

Using Remix